Marketing objective is a statement of the objective that can either be short term or long term effect that is designed to achieve. If you are going to create a marketing plan, you need to consider these objectives:

1. Awareness
This is the very first step to bring in new customers. They must know your existence, your product and services type, your price, your location and what is the benefit of your product or services. If the potential customers know nothing about you, eventually your business is going to fail in a short period. In fact, many big companies now focused more on building awareness and educate their potential customers before they actually ask for that sale!

2. Building a database of customers.
This involves collecting the contact information such as name and email address of your potential customers. In fact, experts said that it takes 7 promotions to actually convert the potential customers into buyers. When they visit your website for the first time, you need to have a mechanism integrated into your marketing to collect their information. Once they go away from your website, they aren’t going to come back again! How many of us do actually come back to the site that we did not give our information to? By building a database of customers, you are able to follow-up with them on future promotions even if they don’t buy from you from the first time.

3. Generating traffic
Traffic is important to any businesses. Traffic simply means attracting people to come over to your site and see your products or services. Even if you have a site but nobody visits them, you are not able to do anything. There are so many businesses that have a site but do not do anything to generate traffic to their site. And they are not even ranking anywhere.

4. Increasing sales
Every business wants to increase to a higher profit per customer. Businesses can choose either selling add-on services or selling up to higher-priced products or services. McDonald actually increases their sales by asking you to buy their add-on services like upgrade to large meal or adding the sundae cone. In fact, add-on services are a very good strategy to increase sales.

5. Community goodwill
No matter how small or large your business could be, this is the creation of a positive image of your business in your community. You may put up an image that reflects you positively or negatively.

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