Twitter Bickering Match Among Samsung, LG and HTC

You’re likely to find comments from fans arguing over which company’s product is the best. However, what happens when big brands such as Samsung, LG and HTC started bickering on social media space.

HTC UK celebrated its “Hottest Phone of 2013” award by posting a photo of on Twitter and added “ouch@SamsungMobileUK” to the end of the tweet. The picture was retweeted more than 700 times. SamsungMobileUK fired back by responding that it had won three awards before HTC replied that Samsung has been paying students to write fake reviews for its competitors’ products.

LG UK decided to jump on the conversation by tweeting a meme image of Michael Winner telling HTC and Samsung to “Calm down dears! It’s only a phone.” While to many, the tweets were mostly harmless, we’d much rather see these big brands leave the immature bickering to the fans.