We’re facing some challenging circumstances and people are always looking for positive answers. Every age has its share of struggles. When you’re encountering difficult situations, you want answers right away. When life gives you a headache, you want something to take away that pain you’re experiencing and hope that you’ll never feel it again.

Accept the fact that life is difficult and then get busy learning as much as you can about the challenges you face and overcome it. You’ve overcome problems in your past so what are you afraid of? But many of us would avoid or even runaway when they face the crisis and they don’t understand there is no easy way out from it.

They are looking for that magic story. Wishing that they would reach their destination without any obstacles in the journey. The world is designed in such a way that half of us quit even without trying. Some just freak out and gave up assuming it’s not for them or it will not work.

Opportunities always present itself to us. Not many would realize when it comes. Most of the time when the time is right, we’ll just end up saying to ourselves that “This is too good to be true” and started to feel doubtful. How many of us would think that what happens when I make that choice and how different it could affect my life?

Those who are successful in adapting to the changes-survive; those who don’t fall by the wayside. In challenging times, companies go under and people lose jobs but out of that crisis, the seed of new opportunities emerges.

So don’t dread the difficult days: expect them. In fact, learn to relish the opportunity that such experiences allow. Don’t be blindsided with changes; do your own part to create the disruptions. If you entirely feel comfortable, then you’re not far enough ahead to do any good. Survival factors heightened adrenaline levels, wariness and experimentation. The first rule of life is the very first rule of business which is Adapt or Die!

Life is still about playing good and bad hands well like a gambling game. We gamble everyday when we make choices not knowing what consequences it would be or how the end-results might turn out. So bring on the storms and stress.

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