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Viral Marketing-The Seed to Spread

The internet has become the new way of life for many people to get the jobs, book airline tickets, do research for school projects, check out the weather condition and seek out potential love partners. Viral marketing typically starts out with the marketer creating an electronic content (such as a video or a mini-site) for the purpose of brand building. If the users pass on the content, it has the potential to reach large group of Internet users at exponential rate.Understanding user’s motivation in forwarding an online content is extremely important as the decision to pass it is completely voluntary. In other words, marketers do not pay the users to pass along the online content.

Word of Mouth – Give People Reasons To Talk

People love to talk. They talk about cars, TV shows, new blockbuster movies, foods and the stuff they use every day. In fact, you may not even realize it yet that people are talking about you and what you sell right now. It might be a light mention or it could be disparaging attack. Or it might be something really nice that get posted on Amazon.com where 20 million of people will read it and decides to buy your books.