What Is Branding?

From a business point of view, branding strategy should be designed in a way that can differentiate your product from all other products on the range. Even if all the other products look pretty much similar. Many businesses are now shifting their primary focus on building their own branding based on the concept of singularity. Your objective is to create the perception in the mind of your prospects that there are no other products that quite like yours in the marketplace. A successful brand Read more [...]

What’s Your Story- Establishing Trust Factor & Instant Expert in Your Industry

Let me ask you ask a question. If you wanted to have a great cup of coffee for breakfast, would you rather go to McDonald’s or Starbucks? I know both of them sell coffee, but which one should be the best choice? I bet your answer would be Starbucks. That’s right. Because selling great coffee is their area of specialization. It’s who they are and it’s what they do. Starbucks have positioned themselves as the coffee experts, so even though Starbucks’ coffee is more expensive than McDonald’s, Read more [...]

The Magic Story

We’re facing some challenging circumstances and people are always looking for positive answers. Every age has its share of struggles. When you’re encountering difficult situations, you want answers right away. When life gives you a headache, you want something to take away that pain you’re experiencing and hope that you’ll never feel it again. Accept the fact that life is difficult and then get busy learning as much as you can about the challenges you face and overcome it. You’ve overcome Read more [...]

Does Your Business Model Sucks?

Statistics have proved that 90 % of small businesses fail within the first year of start-up. One secret to maintaining a struggling business is to recognize when it needs a fundamental change. The biggest problem is most businesses does not even understand their existing business model well enough- the basis behind its development, its natural interdependencies and its core strengths and drawbacks. In this article, I will address a few of the issues to identify whether does your business model sucks. The Read more [...]

What’s Your Marketing Objective?

Marketing objective is a statement of the objective that can either be short term or long term effect that is designed to achieve. If you are going to create a marketing plan, you need to consider these objectives: 1. Awareness This is the very first step to bring in new customers. They must know your existence, your product and services type, your price, your location and what is the benefit of your product or services. If the potential customers know nothing about you, eventually your business Read more [...]

Why Establishing Brand Awareness is Important?

Brand awareness is referring to how aware your customers are about your brand its products. Awareness can be assessed at several levels such as recognition, recall, brand dominance, brand knowledge and also the brand on top of mind. In this article, I will talk about why building brand awareness is important for your business. 1. Brand awareness is the knowledge system in consumer’s mind. Brand awareness is the first and prerequisite dimension of the entire brand knowledge system is consumer’s Read more [...]

5 Effective Market Leadership Strategies

Market leadership is simply referring to positioning your company, your product or services to dominate the market position in terms of market share and attains highest profitability. Market share can be measured as the volume of goods sold or the value of the goods. In this article, I will talk about 5 effective market leadership strategies to dominate your industry. It doesn’t matter what market you are in whether online or offline, these tips can be applied according to you own business.   1. Read more [...]

Defining your Brand’s Identity

Often marketers defined a brand’s identity in many different ways. Let’s debunk some great myths about Brands and what actually makes a brand’s identity. First, a brand is not just a logo. Many marketers think that logos mainly create their brand. Even though many companies now uses a logo on their product and in the marketing campaign but a nice logo design does not indicate that it is a good brand. Second, a brand is not just an identity. Let’s define what an identity really Read more [...]

15 Hot Tips to Increase Your Sales-Fast!

How often do you hear “I’ll think about it”, “Your competitor is cheaper” or even “We don’t have the budget”. So how do you increase your sales when dealing with customer’s objections? Here are 15 hot tips that you can apply in your business to increase your sales fast. Tips 1: Make an irresistible offer Make an offer that would make them say “I would be too stupid for passing up this”. One of the ways to make an irresistible offer is by providing bonuses to the front Read more [...]

Reputation Marketing- Why You?

If you are a marketer, an online reputation is crucially important as one of the main asset of your business. The trend has changed in the marketing world. It shifted literally from direct marketing to reputation marketing. Reputation marketing is simply means establishing a good name of your brand, organization or your business and markets it by using trust factor that you have created in the mind of your customers. Let’s look at some of the statistics below to understand it better. "It Read more [...]