[sws_pullquote_left] Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! [/sws_pullquote_left]

It is the sound you hear when the cashier opens the cash slot machine to store the money from a sale. It is the sound you hear when you are handed with a cheque for the bill payment.It is the sound you hear when the pop-corn man across the street makes change.

It is the symbolic music to the marketing superstars for earning a sale. Ka-Ching is the marketer’s expectation when placing an ad in the media. They know the words of Ka-Ching would impact their business, but not the tune of the marketer’s music. They comprehend that advertising is supposed to sell products and convert the lead into a paying customer, but they run ads that don’t connect on the customer level basis and didn’t sell a thing.It’s easy to become a marketer as the barrier to enter is particularly low. However, to become a marketing superstar, it is enormously challenging.

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