Interview questions like the following are the equivalent of “jump through this hoop for my amusement.”

“If you could be an animal, what would it be?” – What can you tell about someone if they answer a bird instead of a panda? We would never presume to ask this question to someone at the supermarket, or a place of worship.

“What colour crayon would you be?” – Now isn’t the time to play an amateur psychologist. If you want to gauge how the candidates think, test them on something useful for your business. Job applicants need to see a manager’s brain working too.

“Why should we hire you?” – Inviting a candidate for an interview was your decision. You’ll meet the other candidates, but they won’t. So why ask them to justify that?

“What would your past managers say about you?” – Their old boss could be a ham-fisted thug or a scoundrel that they’re trying to escape from for all you know.

Savvy interviewers have the ability to assess a candidate’s skills and ability by asking just a few, well-chosen, meaningful questions.

Insulting or whimsical questions equivalent of kindergarten-level have no place in a job interview.

People shop for a job these days. We need to accept the fact that job seekers hold at least 50 percent of the power in the recruiting relationship.

We don’t subject the plumber to an interrogation before we hire him. We treat the plumber as the professional he is.

Don’t command job seekers to grovel and beg for the job.

Start having human conversations with candidates.

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