Has someone ever asked you to go out for a dinner during the weekends and you responded by saying you’d let them know in a couple days? Have you ever answered like that even though you knew you had nothing going on during the weekends? When you were certain that nothing was going to change between now and during the weekends?

That’s indecision. The simple avoidance from making a commitment.

There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.William James

The reality of the life is, one can’t comprehend all the facts about every decision and there’s unlikely one key that switches on the light bulb. And in spite of this, you still have to make decisions and I mean decisions that carry a lot more weight than what to have for lunch.

Indecision is nothing more than procrastinating. You refuse to make choices. You put off making a decision. And habitually, you do it for literally without any reasons. You can have all the facts in front of you and you still decline to make conclusive choices. Indecision is about keeping as many options open as possible while decisions are about making obligations.

When you’re working on your own and you don’t make a decision, nothing gets done. It restricts your ability to carry out any task. It downsizes your ability to grow. It takes a huge chunk out of your self-confidence. And when you lack self-confidence, it makes every decision feel like a life or death battle. It actually makes you question your own abilities.

If you find yourself putting off making a decision for no good reason:

1) You understand the purpose of the decision that needs to be made…
2) You have all the facts you need at your disposal…
3) You understand their potential impacts…

Decision making is a learned behavior. When you do it often enough, it becomes second nature, a behavior you do almost unconsciously. It boosts your confidence and the confidence of everyone around you. Whether it is right or wrong, you are taking an action. When we take action, we get a sense of accomplishment. We feel good.

Making a decision is a question of commitment. And to be successful, you have to be able to commit to a course of action. There are always going to be risks involved in every decision you make.

If you make a mistake, you have to adjust. That’s a simple fact of life. Something you learn from. But in the meantime you must swallow your discomfort and make a decision.

When you overcome your resistance to making a decision, you immediately start to build more confidence in yourself. Confidence that grows with every decision you make, with every action you take.

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