Our lives are like a bunch of coconuts where some of them taste good and some taste bad. These rotten coconuts represent areas, circumstances and people that you need to let go of your life. They made you feel that you are limited and plain stuck with old behavior and beliefs.

Each of us holds onto some things that hold us back and limit ourselves, if you have experience these moments at some points in your life, rest assured that it is perfectly normal. We all do have those moments that we are unwilling to let go and afraid to move beyond those barriers that are holding us back.

Everyone has a story. The story of your past may be interesting, challenging or disheartening. The journey we take and the roadblocks we encounter are the things that shape our character. The truth is, most of your perceived limitations are created by you or by someone important in your life. What we become largely has to do with the people and beliefs we were exposed to. So how do you decide when it is the best time that you need to let go of the things that hold you back?

Things will never get better, no matter how hard you try

You put in extra hours, deliver better results than expected, accept more responsibilities, but your values or contributions are often overlooked. These aren’t dead ends, but also something that would not improve over times. Most of us are stuck in this phase. We become so comfortable because it has a zero risk. We often resist being treated as constant because we believe each of us has a unique destiny, a mission and purpose for our existence.

Perceived weaknesses overshadow strengths

Admitting your weaknesses is good and trying to improve them may benefit you in the long run. But do not allow your weaknesses to take more control of yourself. Putting more time and efforts in enhancing your strengths will yield better end results and productivity. We are so much focused on trying to figure out our shortcomings and improving things that do not please us. Performance reviews often focus too much on the weaknesses of an employee while disregard his/her strengths. In fact, there is a fairly heated and philosophical debate going on in management circles. The question is this: should organizations focus on their employee’s strengths or weaknesses? If strengths are the secret of happiness, shouldn’t we all be focusing on them and not wasting time with all the other bits?

Indecision cripples self-confidence

We all suffer from indecision at times. Indecision is caused by uncertainties about the outcomes. These uncertainties are largely derived from the lack of faith in accomplish something. When you doubt your abilities and skills, you are suffering from low self-confidence. Self-confidence is often a more important asset than skill, knowledge, or even experience.

Burning desire beginning to suffer

We are often motivated by tangible and intangible rewards. While tangible rewards could be fairly important, your passion and burning desire are often the most important factors that motivate you to take actions. Burning desire is what gets you through all the perspiration necessary to overcome the inevitable obstacles along the way. If you find yourself lack of burning desire, it is probably a signal for you to move on to new challenges and new ideas.

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