How to Get Keywords For Your Content Marketing Strategy

How to Get Keywords For Your Content Marketing Strategy

The secret to Internet Marketing’s success is how to get the right keywords  at the right time so that searches can easily find you. You must connect with your visitors by providing a relevant result in response to their search. Always think in the terms of delivering a good user experience to your visitors. Even though these principles are important most often they are overlooked. You cannot just put up some content on your websites waiting to be found and ranked by the search engines. With the abundant of information on the internet, search engine rank the results relevant to the keyword that the searches are using when finding information.

Most often many will find it difficult to get keywords for their content. There is couple of ways of doing it in which I am going to share you some of the methods that I am using as my own content marketing strategy.

Method 1: Data from Google Keyword Tool

By far, this is one of my favourite methods to generate and compile a list of keywords that I am interested with. Google Keyword Tool is provided at no cost by Google and you don’t even need to be Google Adwords advertiser in order to use them. However, if you login using your Google account, you will get more keyword ideas.

Just put in the “seed keyword” into the box and click on Search. Google will also give you other keyword ideas and synonyms that are relevant to your seed keyword. You can also to choose to export the date in the csv file.



Method 2: Keyword Tool Software

Besides than using Google Keyword Tool, I am also using keyword tool software called Traffic Travis. It is developed by one of the well known internet marketer called Mark Ling. Besides than the basic feature as keyword research tool, it also allows you to check for SEO and PPC competition. It has both free and paid versions. But I would recommend you to get the Pro version for just $97.


Method 3: Amazon Books

One of the powerful methods most often overlooked is by using the marketplace in Amazon books. Go to the books section in Amazon and see the index of the book. Most of the books in the Amazon allow you to see the table of contents and the index pages for free.

Sometimes, you will find “hidden gem” which no one ever thought of using them as part of their keywords. When you find these relevant keywords, jot them down and go to the Google Keyword Tool or Traffic Travis to analyze the number of searches it gets per month.

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Method 4: Live Outside Of The Box

Sometimes, the keywords known by the industry people are not the keywords that are being searched by the visitors. For example you’re a search engine optimization consultant. You might be targeting the keyword “search engine optimization”. But do you know that your target audiences are searching by using keyword such as “How to Get First Page on Google”. Now do you realize how your target audiences are using the terms that maybe different than the terms that you used in your industry. You need to think in the position of your target audience. Findability is very important when it comes to ranking in the search engine.

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Method 5: Google Suggest

Just go to the homepage of the Google. As you type along the words, google actually gives you suggestion to other keywords people are using. For example, when you type “How to” see what are people are searching as real time result.


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