He sometimes stay late not to impress the boss, but because he’s caught up in the moment and lose track of time.

He plug the holes in the process and system that nobody else was willing to get their hands dirty.

He steps in and solve issues that others are not solving.

He desires to help others to grow in their role, readily sharing his knowledge with others.

He cares about success – of the team, of the boss, and his own.

There’s no question about his intellectual capabilities, his deep-seated industry knowledge or his unparalleled functional experience.

He’s always the brain, never the name.

He’s the go-getter, but the plum assignment goes to who can talk the biggest talk.

He brings results, but the bulk of the strategic resources are given to those who don’t perform well enough to deserve them.

If you want your best and brightest to stick around, you’ve got to do better.

No one wants to be treated like a number or statistics tasked with carrying a job.

Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty.

Show them that they’re more than just a name on an HR folder

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