Often marketers defined a brand’s identity in many different ways. Let’s debunk some great myths about Brands and what actually makes a brand’s identity.

First, a brand is not just a logo.

Many marketers think that logos mainly create their brand. Even though many companies now uses a logo on their product and in the marketing campaign but a nice logo design does not indicate that it is a good brand.

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Second, a brand is not just an identity.

Let’s define what an identity really means. An identity is what people judge you based upon. So if you’re an Asian, people automatically thinks that your skin color could be yellowish and English may not be your first language. If you’re Caucasian, people have an idea that your skin color is white and you might speak American English.

Disclaimer: I am not talking about racism issue here.

First of all, what happens is, when you’re good at something, you spend a lot of time with it. People identify you with that sport, so it becomes part of your identity.

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Many companies would think a brand is an identity. It is what defines the brand. They would try so hard to position their company based on what identity they want to create in their customer’s mind. But in the mind of customers, a brand is not just an identity. It’s more than that actually.

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Finally a brand is not just a product.

Coca-cola is not just a soda product and Dell is not just desktops or laptops. If it is a product, then why people bother buying them instead of buying a product by different brands. There is a little something that is driving people to buy them.

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So what exactly is a brand?

A brand is a person’s feeling about a product, a service or an organization. It’s a feeling because people are emotional and brands are defined by individuals not the companies or the markets. People choose to buy the brands they like because it made them feel good or given a pleasant customer experience.

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People choose Dell when buying laptop or desktops is because they get pleasant customer service with them and after sales support. People choose Iphone because it resembles latest trends which suits younger generation. It’s not because Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple but based on what Apple’s brand is creating the emotional aspect of the customer.

I (the consumer) get to decide not you. World is selfish. It’s my definition not yours. It’s the world I define, based on my convenience or preferences. Be the best in my world and you have me, at a premium, right now.

“The Dip” by Seth Godin

People only remember the brand that makes their life easy. Nobody ever remember the brand of the coffee which taste terrible. A brand is only playing a small part in people’s life. What really important is how a brand is being perceived in people’s mind.

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