If they’re really happy at work, they’re not interested in going down that path.

They want to go home.

They want to have dinner with their friends.

They don’t want to figure out how to sneak out of their workplace to take an interview.

What does it say about you as a business if a pay rise only comes when they say they are leaving?

Why didn’t that employee matter as much when they asked for a raise six months ago?

Counter-offers are band-aid; a product of panic.

You got caught with your pants down.

You had to do something quickly. You put your finger in the dyke.

When an employee starts looking for a new job, the battle for that employee is pretty much over anyway.

Employers often forget job searching is an exhausting, soul-crushing process; people go down that route only if they’re truly not content where they are.

The best retention strategy involves more than making a counter-offer to a departing employee.

Top performers don’t use quitting as a tactic to get a raise.

Companies with the highest retention rates are the ones where managers are having frequent conversations with the people they don’t want to lose.

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