Social Media: Who Should Handle It?

Social Media - Who Should Handle It
I know I’ve been away from writing on this blog for some time. My apologies for that, I adjusted my priorities and looking forward to contribute more pieces this year. Having said that, this piece is my first write up for this year. Hope it’s a great read to you. Recently I came across an article that discussed whose roles is it to handle social media: PR or Digital. As technology has changed the way we live, we have also seen the evolvement of job functions in the advertising space. Read more [...]

Twitter Bickering Match Among Samsung, LG and HTC

You’re likely to find comments from fans arguing over which company’s product is the best. However, what happens when big brands such as Samsung, LG and HTC started bickering on social media space. HTC UK celebrated its “Hottest Phone of 2013” award by posting a photo of on Twitter and added “ouch@SamsungMobileUK” to the end of the tweet. The picture was retweeted more than 700 times. SamsungMobileUK fired back by responding that it had won three awards before HTC replied that Read more [...]

10 Valuable Social Media Advices for Brands

Finally, I punched the wall with enthusiasm after searching for valuable advices that burst the hype balloon around social media and spare you the frustrating jargon and hyperbole. If you're looking for sound advice on how to use social media to grow your business, then the list below is your guide.   "Social Media is About People, Not Logos." -Jay Baer, The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social   “A blog is only as interesting Read more [...]

10 Things We’ll Never Forget About 2012

Rise of PinterestRise of Pinterest
As we’re just 5 days away from celebrating 2013, let’s just do a quick review about 10 unforgettable things that happened in 2012. Note that the list below is not arranged in a chronological order. Rise of Pinterest Pinterest is an image sharing site and has become a huge phenomenon. It is an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you. According to stats from ComScore, Pinterest attained 11.7 million unique monthly visitors in the US where its core user base are largely comprised Read more [...]

The Digital Divide – Are You Entitled to Freedom of Speech on Social Media Channels?

Last week, a case involving a Singaporean citizen posted racist remarks to the Malay community caught my attention. Let me just give you a quick introduction to the topic. Amy Cheong, the former Assistant Director of NTUC posted her rant on Facebook on Sunday evening (7 October 2012). By Monday morning (8 October 2012), the post went viral on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. NTUC’s Facebook page was bombarded with furious demands for Amy’s dismissal. NTUC reacted quickly and fired her by Monday afternoon. Read more [...]

The Social Media Leadership

social media leadership
In today’s digital world, social media is regarded as important communication channels for building a connection between brands and its target audiences. Many companies have understand the role of social media in brand building, yet most have not realized its efficacy to derive industry thought leadership and to further strengthen the credibility of the brand. Social media has brought the shift in the way we communicate with others leading us to have direct access to brand leaders. According Read more [...]

Business Benefits of Twitter

Studies show that 60 % of users who try Twitter give up after the first week. Where so many others have quit or failed, many entrepreneurs and businesses are enjoying the benefits of the powerful business networking system. It isn’t just a chat function for keeping in touch with family and friends. With real-time human driven results, Twitter has become the channel of networking, search engine and getting information of choice for many business professionals. Before getting started the right Read more [...]

4 Social Media Marketing Lessons from KFC Malaysia

Last month precisely on 6th February 2012, workers of KFC Malaysia has assaulted a customer where a video was posted on Youtube recording the incident and goes viral. People have since then blaming KFC Malaysia for not respecting the customers and the incident caused a serious chaos for KFC brand name. Thanks to the power of social media, informations can spread far and wide quickly. However, KFC Malaysia has solved the problem with the assaulted customer and issued a public apology on its Read more [...]