Reputation Marketing- Why You?

If you are a marketer, an online reputation is crucially important as one of the main asset of your business. The trend has changed in the marketing world. It shifted literally from direct marketing to reputation marketing. Reputation marketing is simply means establishing a good name of your brand, organization or your business and markets it by using trust factor that you have created in the mind of your customers.

Brand Value vs Price Tag

Brand is an identity that differentiates you from your competitors. It can be name, logo, tag line or the value your customer perceive from your brand. It’s important to understand your brand value in order to give a right price tag to your product or services.

Customer Retention Strategies for Your Business

Customer Retention is essential for any businesses-online or offline. This article will provide you some insights & customer retention strategies that you could used in your business. Just for recap, previously I have written about what are customer retention, why it’s important and how to measure your customer retention rate. Now I’ll go deeper into the perspective of retaining customers. You can use these strategies if it suits your business model.