The Business of Influence – Building Customer Trust and Loyalty

It is evident that influence plays a substantial role in business. Entrepreneurs are often influenced by their business mentor and model their behaviour similar to the person they’ve learned under. Employees are influenced by the culture and vision of their workplace. Buyers’ purchasing behaviour is often influenced by the ones they trust. It takes time to build that kind of trust and influence. Fortunately, there’s already a group of people out there who have earned the respect and trust. Read more [...]

4 Brand Building Strategies to Zigged Zagged Your Competitions

brand building strategies
Brand building is no longer involves big companies. Every brand has a unique voice and they use it wherever and whenever they communicate the message to the market. When brand ubiquity occurs, people find brands even when they aren't looking. The brand's reputation precedes its presence. There are 4 strategies involved in building a brand value. Strategy 1: Innovation Innovations means doing what no one else would dare going. You have to understand and changes behaviors in the market. Start Read more [...]

The Importance of Branding – Why Your Company Won’t Succeed Without One

importance of branding for your company
Most companies think that their brand building efforts should be focused on designing a fancy logo for their corporate image and then advertise their big fancy logo everywhere so that customers will notice and remembers it. A brand is not a logo.  It isn't about your trademark because this serves as legal property. What’s more a brand is not merely the same as a product or services because these are the tangibles. So now what exactly is a brand? It is a person’s gut feelings about a product, Read more [...]

What Is Branding?

From a business point of view, branding strategy should be designed in a way that can differentiate your product from all other products on the range. Even if all the other products look pretty much similar. Many businesses are now shifting their primary focus on building their own branding based on the concept of singularity. Your objective is to create the perception in the mind of your prospects that there are no other products that quite like yours in the marketplace. A successful brand Read more [...]

What’s Your Story- Establishing Trust Factor & Instant Expert in Your Industry

Let me ask you ask a question. If you wanted to have a great cup of coffee for breakfast, would you rather go to McDonald’s or Starbucks? I know both of them sell coffee, but which one should be the best choice? I bet your answer would be Starbucks. That’s right. Because selling great coffee is their area of specialization. It’s who they are and it’s what they do. Starbucks have positioned themselves as the coffee experts, so even though Starbucks’ coffee is more expensive than McDonald’s, Read more [...]

Why Establishing Brand Awareness is Important?

Brand awareness is referring to how aware your customers are about your brand its products. Awareness can be assessed at several levels such as recognition, recall, brand dominance, brand knowledge and also the brand on top of mind. In this article, I will talk about why building brand awareness is important for your business. 1. Brand awareness is the knowledge system in consumer’s mind. Brand awareness is the first and prerequisite dimension of the entire brand knowledge system is consumer’s Read more [...]

Defining your Brand’s Identity

Often marketers defined a brand’s identity in many different ways. Let’s debunk some great myths about Brands and what actually makes a brand’s identity. First, a brand is not just a logo. Many marketers think that logos mainly create their brand. Even though many companies now uses a logo on their product and in the marketing campaign but a nice logo design does not indicate that it is a good brand. Second, a brand is not just an identity. Let’s define what an identity really Read more [...]