The movement in social media has provided the business owners to reach thousands of potential customers and clients with just a click of a mouse. People now know what it is like to have their own microphone to have their opinions be heard. You can’t change that. People are talking and their message can reach thousands. You want to leverage this power for the better. In this article, I will share with you 4 strategies that you could use to be a Social Media Marketing Winner.

Be Thoughtful

“Treat others like how you yourself would like to be treated”.

If someone took the time and effort to message you or tweet you, be courteous to take some time and reply to them personally in return. Interaction should be done in two ways. When you make some effort to give attention to them and acknowledge their effort and time in interacting with you, it helps to cultivate stronger relationship with your customers. You would be surprised even just a simple “Thank You” words would delighted them and make them to respect and like you even more.

People who interact with their followers often tend to have higher number of followings. It makes them feel that they are in part of a community. After all the reasons your followers are following you is because they are looking to interact and engage with you.

Personalize It

Make it exclusive for them. Make them feel that you have written it personally just for them. Don’t just sound like automated response by robot. Since there have been many spams in Twitter & Facebook, people can know whether you really write it personally or it is based on automated response. I know sometimes it can be daunting task to try to engage with everyone but you should also write it occasionally together besides then setting automated response just for weekends.

Engaging personally breaks down the barrier between you and your customer because you make them feel special. And when they are happy, you will get positive reviews. It equals to a good reputation which can very crucial in any businesses and this is something that every company should work hard to achieve.


A lot of businesses and companies are doing social media marketing the wrong way. People don’t interact with “brands” in their daily lives. I know I might confuse you now by making the earlier statement. People don’t want to know the brand. What they want to know are the people, personalities and the culture behind it. This is what they care about.

When you walk into Apple stores, you don’t see automated robots behind the counter helping the customers. It’s not realistic. When you are being transparent about your people and the culture that makes up your brand, you are showing that you have compassion and interest in them (which is of course your customers).

Be Responsive

You must be able to respond quickly.  It does not matter whether it is positive reviews, negative comments or questions that arise. Not monitoring your social media presence on a regular basis will risk your reputation. Think of it in this way “What impression does it give when a question goes unanswered? Do not build a reputation as the company who neglects it consumers.


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