Brand building is no longer involves big companies. Every brand has a unique voice and they use it wherever and whenever they communicate the message to the market. When brand ubiquity occurs, people find brands even when they aren’t looking. The brand’s reputation precedes its presence. There are 4 strategies involved in building a brand value.

Strategy 1: Innovation

Innovations means doing what no one else would dare going. You have to understand and changes behaviors in the market. Start humanizing the technology to create simple solutions to complex problems. For instance, mp3 player industry existed even before Apple monopoly the industry. There were many mp3 players by brands. What Apple did was simply revolutionize a simple solution by introducing new technology and solves the problem in downloading music for the consumers. It doesn’t have to be rocket science technology in order for your company to innovate.

Creativity is what gives brand the piece of the pie in the marketplace. However, many companies are struggling with creativity. It’s because creativity is often right-brained while strategy is left-brained. When the competition zigged, you zagged. How do you know when an idea is innovate? It’s when it scares the hell out of everybody.

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two-and only two-basic functions: marketing and innovation.”

-Peter Drucker

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Strategy 2: The Authenticity Factor

There are 1,349 cameras on the market, how do you decide which one to buy? It’s a fact that our brains act as filters to protect us from being overwhelmed with too much information. We’re hardwired to only note what’s different. Those brands that try to be a little bit of everything to everyone, end-up being meaning nothing to anyone. Marketing’s functions today is about creating tribes for your brand. People join different tribes for different activities.

Reading——-> Amazon

Sports———> Nike

Banking——-> Citibank

So how do you differentiate your brand than others? The key important point to this question is “Focus”. The questions you need to address are:

-Who are you?

-What you do?

-Why I should listen to you?

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Strategy 3: Trust

Understand what your customer wants through empathy. People are living, breathing, feeling, adaptable beings. Engage them and observe their behavior to understand their motivations. How do you build trust?

It comes from satisfying and beating customer’s expectations. Brand will become the most influential strategic tool since the spreadsheet. A charismatic brand is any product or services for which people believe there’s no substitute. Any brands can be charismatic even yours.

“In the old days, brands wanted everybody to pay attention to them. Now brands need to pay attention to everybody else.”

-Umair Haque

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Strategy 4: Create A Story

People want to know how you got to where you are, when, why and where you are going. When creating a story, always remember the goal of your story is to create a relationship with your customers. They have to feel like they know you well. Every good story starts with a situation and a problem to be resolved. It must represent your beliefs and values.

Every story portrays a hero. People love it. You, the main character needs to be hero. Do you think you can be a hero in your industry?

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