The Importance of Being Strategic

It all comes down to the fact that we all have very limited resources. It doesn’t matter how big or small the company is, there is a limit. That limit can be in the form of cash, time and top talent that are fundamental to turn any opportunity into a successful achievement. Being strategic starts with the base understanding that how do we maximize the benefit, the payoff and the return on those limited resources. The vision, the goal and the target you’re trying to achieve also about how you Read more [...]

The Business of Influence – Building Customer Trust and Loyalty

It is evident that influence plays a substantial role in business. Entrepreneurs are often influenced by their business mentor and model their behaviour similar to the person they’ve learned under. Employees are influenced by the culture and vision of their workplace. Buyers’ purchasing behaviour is often influenced by the ones they trust. It takes time to build that kind of trust and influence. Fortunately, there’s already a group of people out there who have earned the respect and trust. Read more [...]

Dealing with Indecision- How to Overcome Resistance to Making Decisions

Has someone ever asked you to go out for a dinner during the weekends and you responded by saying you'd let them know in a couple days? Have you ever answered like that even though you knew you had nothing going on during the weekends? When you were certain that nothing was going to change between now and during the weekends? That's indecision. The simple avoidance from making a commitment. The reality of the life is, one can’t comprehend all the facts about every decision and there’s Read more [...]