Why Price Shouldn’t Be Your Core Competitive Advantage?

Whether you are manufacturer, retailer or service provider, if you cannot proclaim what your competitive advantage is, you’re losing your customers and market share to your competitors. Being able to coherent why your company is different is essential component of the marketing strategy. It helps to distinguish you from the herd. Your unique value statement will be used throughout your sales process. It keeps your business alive and growing. Ignoring them can be can be a fatal mistake because Read more [...]

The Social Media Leadership

social media leadership
In today’s digital world, social media is regarded as important communication channels for building a connection between brands and its target audiences. Many companies have understand the role of social media in brand building, yet most have not realized its efficacy to derive industry thought leadership and to further strengthen the credibility of the brand. Social media has brought the shift in the way we communicate with others leading us to have direct access to brand leaders. According Read more [...]