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I Feel Like Giving Up

619900v8c6eb6r8 I feel like giving up. Not all day, of course. But there are moments in my life where I feel like giving up. I bet that you have those days, too. Especially, if you’re the type of the high-achieving and goal-oriented person. You’re probably used to running into obstacles-be it the challenges in your Read more [...]

Viral Marketing-The Seed to Spread

72933xqpygdv162 The internet has become the new way of life for many people to get the jobs, book airline tickets, do research for school projects, check out the weather condition and seek out potential love partners. Viral marketing typically starts out with the marketer creating an electronic content (such as a video Read more [...]

Who Moved My Cheese?

who moved my cheese In this story, the cheese is a metaphor that represents what you want in your life. It could be your dream job, an ideal relationship, wealth, health or spiritual. There are 4 characters-Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw. Many of you may have read about this story and some of you may not. If you’re one of Read more [...]
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