Has your company hugged its bloggers today?

In recent years, marketing to consumers has become increasingly challenging as continuing fragmentation of media and information overload has led customers to become less and less interested in companies’ brand messages delivered through traditional media such as radio, television and billboards. Now that customers are armed with IPods, TiVo machines, search engines and spam filters, they have gain unprecedented control over media and to content to which they are exposed. A  Yankelovich Read more [...]

What Is Branding?

From a business point of view, branding strategy should be designed in a way that can differentiate your product from all other products on the range. Even if all the other products look pretty much similar. Many businesses are now shifting their primary focus on building their own branding based on the concept of singularity. Your objective is to create the perception in the mind of your prospects that there are no other products that quite like yours in the marketplace. A successful brand Read more [...]