5 Effective Market Leadership Strategies

Market leadership is simply referring to positioning your company, your product or services to dominate the market position in terms of market share and attains highest profitability. Market share can be measured as the volume of goods sold or the value of the goods. In this article, I will talk about 5 effective market leadership strategies to dominate your industry. It doesn’t matter what market you are in whether online or offline, these tips can be applied according to you own business.   1. Read more [...]

Defining your Brand’s Identity

Often marketers defined a brand’s identity in many different ways. Let’s debunk some great myths about Brands and what actually makes a brand’s identity. First, a brand is not just a logo. Many marketers think that logos mainly create their brand. Even though many companies now uses a logo on their product and in the marketing campaign but a nice logo design does not indicate that it is a good brand. Second, a brand is not just an identity. Let’s define what an identity really Read more [...]