15 Hot Tips to Increase Your Sales-Fast!

How often do you hear “I’ll think about it”, “Your competitor is cheaper” or even “We don’t have the budget”. So how do you increase your sales when dealing with customer’s objections? Here are 15 hot tips that you can apply in your business to increase your sales fast. Tips 1: Make an irresistible offer Make an offer that would make them say “I would be too stupid for passing up this”. One of the ways to make an irresistible offer is by providing bonuses to the front Read more [...]

Reputation Marketing- Why You?

If you are a marketer, an online reputation is crucially important as one of the main asset of your business. The trend has changed in the marketing world. It shifted literally from direct marketing to reputation marketing. Reputation marketing is simply means establishing a good name of your brand, organization or your business and markets it by using trust factor that you have created in the mind of your customers. Let’s look at some of the statistics below to understand it better. "It Read more [...]

Brand Value vs Price Tag

Brand is an identity that differentiates you from your competitors. It can be name, logo, tag line or the value your customer perceive from your brand. It’s important to understand your brand value in order to give a right price tag to your product or services. A lot of people asked “How do I price my product and service?” The key point in giving a price tag to your product and services depends on what perceived brand value are you giving to your customers. People see a brand not just based Read more [...]

Customer Retention Marketing Practices in Your Business

Most businesses struggle to retain their existing customers to grow their business to the next level. It’s important to integrate customer retention marketing practices in your business in order to keep your sales growing and increase your profit revenue. What is Customer Retention? First, let’s talk about what is Customer Retention. Customer retention is about keeping the existing customers who have previously bought your product and services to buy again from you in the future rather Read more [...]

Customer Retention Strategies for Your Business

Customer Retention is essential for any businesses-online or offline. This article will provide you some insights & customer retention strategies that you could used in your business. Just for recap, previously I have written about what are customer retention, why it’s important and how to measure your customer retention rate. Now I’ll go deeper into the perspective of retaining customers. You can use these strategies if it suits your business model. Customer Retention Strategies can Read more [...]

5 Steps to Not Kill Your Online Social Media Marketing Campaign

Everyone talks about social media nowadays as a part of their company’s marketing strategy. But there are so many companies still not doing it in the right way. Some companies think that social media marketing is only for business that are marketing product or services online to their customers through Internet. Least they know that actually social media is not only limited to online businesses but also can be applied to offline businesses. Social media marketing can be a very powerful marketing Read more [...]