How often do you hear “I’ll think about it”, “Your competitor is cheaper” or even “We don’t have the budget”. So how do you increase your sales when dealing with customer’s objections? Here are 15 hot tips that you can apply in your business to increase your sales fast.

Tips 1: Make an irresistible offer

Make an offer that would make them say “I would be too stupid for passing up this”. One of the ways to make an irresistible offer is by providing bonuses to the front offer. This means that when your customers buy the front offer they are also given additional bonuses. These bonuses should be a very good value that adds up the total value price is more than what your customers pay for initial offer. Examples of the bonuses that you could offer are such as free 3 days seminar ticket to your events or even personal coaching call.

Tips 2: Make the difference

Sell them something different than your competitors. Make a unique offer that is not being offered somewhere else. Differentiate your product than your competitor’s product. If you product is identical to the product existing in the marketplace, your customers don’t see the reason why they should buy from you.

Tips 3: Selling through Webinar

Selling through webinar has become increasingly popular now. From small business to large businesses are doing it online. Webinar is a good strategy to make more sales as you are able to demo about your product. So your customers understand the value of your product.

Tips 4: Selling through teleseminar

The difference between selling through teleseminar is that you are not able to demonstrate your product because they are only able to listen to your voice. But teleseminar is still a popular choice alternative to webinar.

Tips 5: Follow up via E-mail marketing

Studies have showed that it takes 7 follow ups before a person make a purchase. So when your prospects land on your website it does not mean that you will immediately get the sale. Most of the times your prospects would be turn away. So you have to setup an email-marketing channel that allows you to collect the name and email address of the prospects that are showing interest in your product. So by contacting them later on you still have the chance to get that sale if they decided to purchase your product later.

Tips 6: Offering Discount/ Coupon codes

Discount or coupon codes are very popular marketing strategy that is proven to increase the sales. Good example of this would be web hosting companies. Godaddy released few coupon codes every month that gives certain percentage of discount on their products. There are a lot of people always look for coupon codes on the internet before making their purchase. Everyone likes discount rates.

Tips 7: Upsell strategy

Upsell is simply means selling an item that has higher price than your front offer. For instance, if your front offer is $47, you could offer additional upgrades at higher price such as $97 package. Many businesses are using upsell strategy and most of them make money on their upsell packages than their front offer. When you go to McDonald’s restaurant, they always try to upsell you by suggesting you to buy the large value meal.

Tips 8: Cross-sell strategy

Cross-sell is simply means offering a similar product than your initial offer. Your cross-sell must be related to your initial offer to make it effective. So if your initial offer is weight loss ebook so your cross-sell could be weekly training giving tips on how to lose weight. So if you have several products you could offer them to the customers that bought their first product from your company.

Tips 9: Moving the Free Line

I know you might say “How am I going to increase my sales if I’m giving them a free product?” You could offer your initial offer for 7 days free trial. Then you could bill them a small fee each month. Who doesn’t like free? When you are something for free you are teasing them. For example you could offer a free video training to opt-in to your monthly newsletter which you would send a magazine to their physical’s address.

Tips 10: Asking for referrals

You can ask your customers to refer their friends and family that they think your product could benefit them. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. You might be surprised that many of the happy customers do recommend their favourite brand to others. Besides, sharing is caring!

Tips 11: Selling at events/ seminar

If you’re invited as a speaker at events of seminars, then you could offer your product or service to the people that attended. There are many speakers and authors generating a lot of sales from events and seminars.

Tips 12: Selling through affiliate programs

Most of the businesses nowadays do have affiliate programs that allow others to sign up and promote your product or services on your behalf. So basically your affiliates would send you the referrals and you would share a small percentage of commission with them as their compensation for their marketing efforts.

Tips 13: Selling using membership/ continuity programs

Membership or continuity programs can create residual income. Residual income means that you are getting paid every month again and again just by asking for the sale once. So you could create memberships that charge people each month to access to your product. But when using membership, you should also allow the members the option to cancel their membership if you do not want to get caught in legal issues.

Tips 14: Build customer loyalty

Most businesses spend so much time and resources on acquiring new customers and ignore their past customers. 90 % of the businesses don’t keep in contact with their customers. They’re so busy looking for new customers until they forgot completely about the gold mine of people that they’re already serving, people that already have trust with them and probably would buy from them again. One of the ways is to keep in contact through newsletter and surveying them to ensure that they’re satisfied. Tie into their needs and listen to what they are looking from your product.

Tips 15: Setup customer rewards program

We’re all familiar with the customer rewards programs that so many large businesses have in place. But there’s no reason that a small business can’t have a customer rewards program, too. It can be as simple as a discount on a customer’s birthday or as complex as a points system that earns various rewards such as discounts on merchandise. Done right, rewards programs can really help build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Using any of these strategies does not guarantee the result of your business or your sales. This content is merely provided as knowledge to business owners.

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