As we’re just 5 days away from celebrating 2013, let’s just do a quick review about 10 unforgettable things that happened in 2012. Note that the list below is not arranged in a chronological order.

Rise of Pinterest

Pinterest is an image sharing site and has become a huge phenomenon. It is an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you. According to stats from ComScore, Pinterest attained 11.7 million unique monthly visitors in the US where its core user base are largely comprised of 18-34 year-old women.

Rise of PinterestRise of Pinterest
Rise of Pinterest


Online protest against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

The controversial anti-piracy bills namely SOPA and PIPA were greatly discussed on Twitter, where the #sopa hashtag was tweeted 2.2 million times. Many big sites like Wikipedia and Reddit went dark for 24-hour in protest against the bills. People that opposed the law believed that stronger enforcement of Internet content would restrain freedom of speech.

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Patent battles between top tech giants

Throughout the year, we have seen the top 2 technology companies, Apple and Samsung, engaged in crazy patent fights over smartphones and tablets. Apple was awarded over $1 billion in damages against Samsung; however, in the recent patent case, Apple’s request for US ban on Samsung smartphones was denied by judge.

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Death of singing superstar Whitney Houston

The world mourned over the death of pop music superstar, Whitney Houston. Some of her popular hits, including “I Will Always Love You” and “Saving All My Love For You”.

Death of singing superstar Whitney Houston
Death of singing superstar Whitney Houston


Facebook IPO plagued with series of problems

Facebook, the leading social networking company initiated its public offering in order to raise $10 billion, where pundits predicted that it would be the largest tech IPO in history. The trading was delayed on the first day because of technical problems with the NASDAQ exchange. The IPO listing quickly turned into a disaster because the share prices dropped.


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NASA’s $2.5 billion rover landed on Red Planet

NASA’s Curiosity rover has successfully landed on Mars and scientists are eager to discover any signs of life. NASA had a meeting to discuss the activities of its rover on Dec 3; however, NASA officials had warned that rumours and speculation that there were major findings that force humanity to rethink its place in the universe were incorrect.



The Earth Survived Doomsday

NASA has dismissed predictions that the world would end on Dec 21, 2012. The statement on NASA’s website says “the burden of proof is on the people who making these claims” while no scientific evidence validates the claims. Hollywood disaster movie 2012 would now be classified as “comedy”. I am writing this article on Dec 27 simply proved that we have officially survived the Doomsday.

dec 21


2012 London Olympic as World’s First Social Game

According to Twitter, 2012 London Olympic generated 150 million tweets. Usain Bolt was the most discussed athlete of the game along with Michael Phelps. The top game discussed was Football driving over 5 million tweets. Top brands that generated the most buzz during the game was McDonald with 159, 410 mentions followed by Coca-Cola and VISA.

2012 london olympic


2012 U.S Presidential Campaign

Social media played a huge role in shaping voters’ sentiment during the Presidential election. Obama maintained a substantial lead in both Facebook and Twitter over Romney. According to Socialbakers, Obama’s Twitter followers grow three times faster than his Facebook fans while Romney’s engagement rate is 18 times higher on Facebook than on Twitter. The most retweeted was an image of Obama and Michelle, accompanied by the message “Four more years” accounting for more than 700,000 retweets.


Viral K-pop song “Oppa Gangnam Style”

The Gangnam Style video has become the most viewed video on YouTube after reaching 1 billion views. If everyone who viewed the 4 min 13 seconds long video watched it to the end (which of course some didn’t) that would mean that we’ve spent 253 billion seconds on Gangnam Style, or 8,022 years.


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